Who We Are

Established in 1989, Welcome House of South County (WHSC) is the leading provider of support services for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in southern RI. It consists of the following four components: 1) a 17 bed emergency shelter; 2) a soup kitchen; 3) the Office of Housing & Community Services encompassing both transitional and permanent housing; and 4) the Peace Dale Winter Shelter operating from November 1 – March 31.

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Song - Faces of Homelessness

Inspired by the guests of Welcome House, the song Faces of Homelessness describes everyday people like you and me in need of more than a bed and a hot meal; a chance at making their lives better. It is about forming positive relationships and reaching out to accept help to change grey skies into rainbows.

On Saturday evening, January 30 members of the Peace Dale Congregational Church (PDCC) gathered around a bonfire in front of a lean to that had been erected on the PDCC front lawn. They would maintain a vigil in subfreezing temperatures until Sunday morning services drawing attention to the plight of the homeless in our community and our nation. Joined by Joe Dziobek, Executive Director of Welcome House of South County, an emergency shelter around the corner from the Church, they recorded this song as flames from the bonfire flickered and a police siren wailed in the background. The song appeals to the good people of our community to be the light in the world in the face of international terrorism, economic disparities, and social injustices. Participating in the recording from the PDCC were the following: Bob and Tacy Hackey, Kim, Kelsey, and Kevin Simmons, Kerri, Laura, and Ella McCarty, Lulce Bizer, and Helen and Bob van Cleaf.

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Holiday Fundraiser

Welcome House of South County’s Annual Holiday Appeal was a success! We have successfully raised our $25,000 goal! A big thank you to all for your contributions and support!

Article - Emergency shelter offers a welcoming home

By Carla Aveledo Staff Writer (RI Independent)

Homelessness is hidden in South County, said Margarite Kloss, director of permanent housing at Welcome House of South County in Peace Dale. “Homeless people are very disguised,” Kloss said. “You might see people in Wakefield walking around with backpacks on. Look for adults where it might seem inappropriate that they have a backpack on – they’re probably homeless.”

Welcome House staff said research indicates approximately 10 percent of people in Washington County live at or below the poverty level. When hard times hit, they may become homeless. In 2015, the shelter admitted 107 guests, the term for the shelter’s residents. Of them, 60 percent reported they had a mental illness. The highest percentage of guests were white men age 31 to 50.

In interviews last week, guests agreed – the shelter at 8 North Road has given them a chance to restart their lives.

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Volunteers needed for Mentoring Program

Welcome House of South County is a Homeless Shelter for residents serious about recovery. Currently, the Executive Director, Joseph Dziobek is seeking five volunteers to participate in a mentoring service to benefit the residents.
This program will provide training workshops and strong support. It will be flexible for volunteers. Volunteers can participate at Welcome House located at 8 North Street in Wakefield or communicate with individual residents on their cell phones.
Additional details will depend on volunteer response. Anyone interested may contact Executive Director Joseph Dziobek at jd.welcomehouse@gmail.com or 401-782-4770. You can also inquire about volunteering by sending us an email directly through our website here, or by clicking on Contact Us from our menu.

Job Opportunity

We are looking to hire an experienced LICSW here at Welcome House for 8 hrs / week to run groups and meet with residents. Please contact Joseph Dziobek at jd.welcomehouse@gmail.com or call 401-782-4770 for more information. Competitive salary, and the chance to help support our residents.

Upcoming Events

2/28/16 Worship Service at Wakefield Baptist Church

Dear Friends:
We often think of February as the “Love Month” because of the tradition of celebrating St. Valentine's Day. With thoughts of love, we as Christians also think of “Loving Our Neighbors.” Wakefield Baptist Church invites you to a community worship service on Sunday, February 28 at 4:00 p.m. to lift up the work of Welcome House, the homeless shelter located in Peace Dale. We want to learn about the new activities at Welcome House which Executive Director Joseph Dziobek will share with us, as well as show our support for our neighbors in need. We invite you to join us in sponsoring this service which will be followed by a time to mingle and enjoy sandwiches and goodies. Perhaps someone from your congregation would read scripture, offer a musical selection or a prayer, or bring a dessert. Please phone the Rev. Clay Berry at 783-2472 or Nancy Bancroft at 783-4231 as soon as possible to indicate how you would like to participate. We truly welcome and encourage all to take part, and we hope you will encourage members of your congregation to join us for this service.

With you in Christ's service,
Clay Berry, pastor
Nancy Bancroft, Mission Board

-= Past Events =-
1/05/16 Board of Directors development committee is meeting.
1/12/16 Properties committee is meeting.
1/14/16 Board of Directors is meeting.
On December 18th, Pheamo R. Witcher, principle planner of the Office of Housing and Community Development will be visiting Welcome House to learn of all of the exciting developments that have taken place in the past nine months.