About Welcome House

Welcome House of South County originated as South County Emergency Shelter in 1986, a consortium of night-to-night shelters in church basements throughout Washington County. In 1987 it was incorporated as a 501-c-3 non-profit.

In 1989 the current Emergency Shelter - located a 8 North Road in Peace Dale, RI - was purchased and rehabilitated; Welcome House then began taking its first overnight guests.

Welcome House of South County is a leading provider of homeless services in southern RI. It consists of four distinct but integrated services:

The agency supports 70-75 individuals daily throughout its homeless network. It has a close working relationship with the Education Exchange and the JonnyCake Center which also serve the homeless population in Peace Dale as well as the surrounding community.

Our Staff

Joseph Dziobek, Executive Director
Email: jd.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x101

Allison Martinez, Director of Transitional Housing and Community Services
Email: am.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x104

Catherine Lema, Case Manager
Email: kl.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x109

Justin Pires, Case Manager
Email: jp.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770

Julie Silva, House Manager
Email: hm.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770

Brian Meehan, Web & IT Support
Email: bm.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x107

John R. Bernardo III, Legal Counsel

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the following members, their expertise and residency:

Helen Drew, Chair
Healthcare, Affordable Housing

Samuel Slade, Vice-Chair
Healthcare, Insurance

Leah Babat, Secretary
Behavioral Healthcare
North Kingstown

Roberta Richman
Public Safety, Government Relations
South Kingstown

Ian Knowles
Behavioral Healthcare, Non-Profits

Peter Pezzelli
Development, Communications

Ken Abrams
Human Resources
North Kingstown

George Herchenroether
South Kingstown

Walter Young

Kate Brewster
Non-Profit Management, Fundraising
South Kingstown