Our Staff

Joseph Dziobek, Executive Director
Email: jd.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x101

Allison Martinez, Director of Transitional Housing and Community Services
Email: am.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x104

Catherine Lema, Case Manager
Email: kl.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x109

Justin Pires, Case Manager
Email: jp.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770

Julie Silva, House Manager
Email: hm.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770

Brian Meehan, Web & IT Support
Email: bm.welcomehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 401-782-4770 x107

John R. Bernardo III, Legal Counsel

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the following members, their expertise and residency:

Helen Drew, Chair
Healthcare, Affordable Housing

Samuel Slade, Vice-Chair
Healthcare, Insurance

Leah Babat, Secretary
Behavioral Healthcare
North Kingstown

Roberta Richman
Public Safety, Government Relations
South Kingstown

Ian Knowles
Behavioral Healthcare, Non-Profits

Peter Pezzelli
Development, Communications

Ken Abrams
Human Resources
North Kingstown

George Herchenroether
South Kingstown

Walter Young

Kate Brewster
Non-Profit Management, Fundraising
South Kingstown